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Prof. Drs. Koentjoro, MBSc., Ph. D
Dosen Fakultas Psikologi
Universitas Gadjah Mada

1.    Kriminologi dlm perspektif Sosiologi: Konsep sosiologis dan sebab kejahatan

  • Konsep Sosiologis dan Sebab Timbulnya Kejahatan: Significance of Society & Group Relationship; Social Norms; Primary and Secondary Groups; Socialization; Culture, Subculture and Counterculture
  • Strain Theories : Emile Durkheim; Robert Merton; Albert Cohen; Cloward & Ohlin Opportunity Structure; Public Policy and Strain Theory
  • Control Theories: Emile Durkheim; Albert Reiss; Sykes dan Matza; Walter Reckless’s Contaiment Theory; Travis Hirschi; Evaluation of Control Theory
  • The Conflict & Radical Theories: Two Contrasting Views; Implicit Ideology; The Conflict Approach; Radical Criminology; Critical Criminology; Group Conflict Theory
  • Cultural Deviance Theories: Chicago School; Ecological School; Shaw & McKay; Juvenile Gangs; Walter Miller; Social Disorganization; Culture Conflict; Subculture Theories; Social Theory of Crime; Criminogenic Culture
  • Symbolic Interactionist Theories: Symbolic Interactionism; Differential Association; Labelling

2.    Kriminologi dlm perspektif Biologis: Keturunan dan Kejahatan

  • Heredity & Crime: The “Bad Seed” Concept; Classification of Biological Theories
  • Biology Inferiority and Body: Type Theories; Early Inferiority Theories; Intelligence, IQ Scores, Crime & Delinquency; Evolution of Body Type Theories; Evaluation of Body Type Theories
  • Difference and Defectiveness Theories: Biochemical Imbalance; Premenstrual Syndrome/Tension; Chromosomal Abnormality; Central Nervous System; Autonomic Nervous System
  • Nutrition and Criminal Behavior: You Are What You Eat; Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar); Vitamins; Food Allergies; Hyperkinesis; Alcoholism and Criminal Behavior; Lead Poisoning; Caffeine

3.    Kriminologi dlm perspektif psikologis: Konsep psikologis dan sebab kejahatan

  • Psychological Theories of Crime Causation: The Psychological Approach; Freud on Violence
  • Emotional Problems and Mental Disorder Theories: Emotional Problem Theories; Attractiveness and Criminality; Mental Disorder Theories; Neuroses; Psychoses; Impulse Disorder
  • Sociopatic Personality Theories: The theory of Sociopathic; Symptoms of Sociopathic Personality; The Causes of Sociopathic; Treatment of Sociopathic; Sociopathic and Criminality; Techniques of Neutralization
  • Thinking Pattern Theories: Background; The Stage Theory of Jean Piaget; Thinking Patterns of Offenders; Critique of The Criminal Personality; Techniques of Neutralization

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